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Be there or be square! By establishing a targeted presence in our online and offline media, you can raise your impact at WU. Right within your target group.

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The blog offers insights into the future world of students enhanced by many facets of life as a job seeker and as part of the working population. Online advertorials strengthen your presence among WU students.

  • Runtime: 4 weeks online
  • Readers: 1,378 page views per month
  • Topics:
    • Application
    • Job
    • International careers
  • Distribution:
    • via mailing to the ZBP applicant community
    • Instagram
    • Facebook
    • LinkedIn
    • News box on homepage

€ 2,780 | € 1,950 for Partners

All prices quoted exclude VAT and other applicable taxes.

Newsletter Contribution

Content is king! In a time when information is abundant, only one does matter: the essential. Once a month, we supply the WU applicant community with all relevant information about job entry, application, and the job market. And you can be right in the middle of it – by incorporating your message into our content.

  • Mailing contribution:
    • 9,800 recipients – and counting
    • Sent once a month

€ 1,030 | € 790 for Partners

All prices quoted exclude VAT and other applicable taxes.

Karin Kwapien

"Reach directly into the inbox of applicants? No problem! Your company contribution gets delivered right to your target group."

Karin Kwapień, Communications & Events
karin.kwapien(at)zbp(dot)at; +43-1-313 36-5787

Popularity can be controlled

You are looking for a way to position your company among students for the long term? Here is our advice: use a combination of personal events and off- as well as online media to show how you act as an employer.