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Be there or be square! By establishing a targeted presence in our online and offline media, you can raise your impact at WU. Right within your target group.

Career Magazine

Karrieremagazin, WU’s official career magazine, offers you a presence right on campus as well as on students’ coffee tables. Image ads and advertorials help you address your target group directly.

  • Comes out: thrice a year
  • Print run: 10,000 copies per issue
  • Distribution: postally: WU applicant community, hand-to-hand: Campus WU, professors & WU departments, career events at WU
  • Specials:

  Cover ad € 3.570 | € 2.500 for Partners
Full-page advertorial € 2.785 | € 1.950 for Partners
Full-page image ad € 2.500 | € 1.750 for Partners
Half-page advertorial/image ad € 2.000 | € 1.400 for Partners

All prices quoted exclude VAT and other applicable taxes.

“You want everything and more? Let's talk about a combination offer for our career media!“
Brigitte Kuchenbecker, Editor-in-chief Karrieremagazin
+43-1-313 36–4095

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The blog is more than just the online version of Karrieremagazin and offers insights into the future world of students enhanced by many facets of life as a job seeker and as part of the working population.

Here, too, you can show presence with an advertorial. Furthermore, we do, of course, offer a package that combines online and offline application media.

  • Runtime: 4 weeks online
  • Audience: 660 readers per month
  • Topics:
    • Application
    • Job
    • International careers

€ 2.780 | € 1.950 for Partners

All prices quoted exclude VAT and other applicable taxes.

off to the blog

Orientation and information: whether students are looking for information on job entry or need to quickly prepare for a job interview, the blog offers suitable content. Why not go online with your advertorials?"
Brigitte Kuchenbecker, Communications 
+43-1-313 36–4095

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Banner and Website

Promote your event and your employer branding: book a banner on the start page of individually or with your event promotion.

  • Runtime: 2 weeks
  • Views: 60,000 page views per month

€ 560 | € 390 for Partners

All prices quoted exclude VAT and other applicable taxes.

Presence at first click? We have a space reserved for you."

Karin Kwapień, Communications & Events
karin.kwapien(at)zbp(dot)at; +43-1-313 36-5787

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Content Marketing

Content is king! In a time where information is abundant, only one does matter: the essential. We supply the WU applicant community with all relevant information about job entry, application and job market. And you can be right in the middle of it - by incorporating your message into our stories.

  • Mailing contribution:
    • 4,000 recipients – and counting
    • Sent once a month
    • Max. 1 featured employer per mailing

€ 1,030 | € 790 for Partners

  • Posting on Facebook:
    • Max. 2 employer posts per month

€ 840 | € 590 for Partners

All prices quoted exclude VAT and other applicable taxes.

"Reach directly into the inbox of applicants. We guarantee exclusivity - only one company contribution per mailing. First come, first served."

Milana Vujicic, Communications & Events
milana.vujicic(at)zbp(dot)at; +43-1-313 36-4532

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You are looking for a way to position your company among students for the long term? Here is our advice: use a combination of personal events and off- as well as online media to show how you act as an employer.