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Be there or be square! By establishing a targeted presence in our online and offline media, you can raise your impact at WU. Right within your target group.

Career Magazine

Karrieremagazin, WU’s official career magazine, offers you a presence right on campus as well as on students’ coffee tables. Image ads and advertorials help you address your target group directly.

“Each Karrieremagazin is born out of passion and provides a current view of the job market for our students. If you, too, want to be noticed by interested students, I am looking forward to working with you!“
Brigitte Kuchenbecker, Editor-in-chief Karrieremagazin
+43-1-313 36–4095

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The blog is more than just the online version of Karrieremagazin and offers insights into the future world of students enhanced by many facets of life as a job seeker and as part of the working population.

Here, too, you can show presence with an advertorial. Furthermore, we do, of course, offer a package that combines online and offline application media.

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Banner and Website

You want to reach students via and We can place your banner either on the start page of or right next to the job portal on

Place your banner now right with your job on!

“For your banner presence next to the job portal, nothing more is needed than your job and your logo. The banner creates itself and offers you additional views of your job."
Milana Vujicic, Communications & Events
milana.vujicic(at)zbp(dot)at; +43-1-313 36-4532

Popularity can be controlled

You are looking for a way to position your company among students for the long term? Here is our advice: use a combination of personal events and off- as well as online media to show how you act as an employer.