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Campus Recruiting Day: virtually or personally

At Campus Recruiting Day, you can conduct job interviews, start a case study with a small group of students or graduates, or give a company presentation: with a pre-selected number of applicants - right on campus or in an online session. Job posting - marketing - interviews compact and at any time.

  • Your recruiting is the focal point on this half-day: Move your HR office to the campus or use the possibilities of the online world.
  • Meet pre-selected students and/or graduates for interviews, a case study, or company presentation within a short period of time: from announcement to event – we shorten the process to 3 weeks.
  • We handle the organization, incl. interview scheduling (technical tool, and support).


November 6

   Application deadline for companies

November 13-26

   Application period for students

November 27-29

   Your time to review the documents

 December 5-7

   Campus Recruiting Day

Secure your desired time slot and book your participation digitally via

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... and this is how!

Interviews, case study, or company presentation – in detail

Lara Högerl

"We look forward to your Campus Recruiting Day! Let us know your desired date, and we will sort out the details. Your recruiting will take place where students and graduates are at home."

Lara Högerl, Events
lara.hoegerl(at)zbp(dot)at; +43-1-313 36-5053