Our Partnership Offer

Our Corporate Partnership is not for everyone. And that is a good thing.

We have created our Corporate Partnership for those employers who want to work with us on a continuous basis and for the long term. For employers who want to keep offering jobs to our students. For employers who want to establish contacts with our students on campus. For employers who are looking for a media presence for their employer brand. In short, for all those who want to achieve long-term success together with us.

Corporate Partnership

Annual Fee € 880*

*The price quoted excludes VAT and other applicable taxes.

Sustaining Corporate Partnership

  • Place up to 20 jobs for working students per year on our job portal.
  • You will be present on my.zbp.at with an extended company profile.
  • You will be offered special rates to take part in Career Calling.
  • One module of Career Insights is included in the package.
  • Your employer logo will represent you on the start page of zbp.at.
  • You can define your profile by placing a statement on a topic related to applications and job search in Karrieremagazin, WU's official career magazine.
  • You will get a 30 % discount on all other services of WU ZBP Career Center.

Annual Fee € 2,460*

*The price quoted excludes VAT and other applicable taxes.

"Our partnership offer provides you with a cornerstone in your recruiting. Ranging from advertising jobs to accompany studying all the way to exclusive branding, you have the chance to present yourself to your target group as an attractive employer.
You are interested in the benefits of our Corporate Partnership? We are glad to hear that! Give us a call!"
Barbara Moser, Head of Employer Relations
barbara.moser(at)zbp(dot)at; +43-1-313 36-4961