Recruiting at the source

As Austria’s largest career center for business students and graduates, we serve as an employment hub dealing with all issues surrounding the labour market and job search. We create a space for encounters between your company and students. And all this live on campus.


You need personnel now and are actively looking for interns, job starters, or employees with some job experience? Place an ad on our website or search our applicant community to find your next generation of employees.

… and branding

You want to present yourself as an employer? You can show presence at 5 career events on campus and 2 events off campus . Or you take advantage of our on- and offline media to offer insights into your daily business.

Become part of our employer community now and present your profile at!

Our team bridges the gap between students and company representatives. We rely on direct contact and offer employers and students efficient and long-term support. We put you right in the middle of campus, among students - and look forward to working with you!
Ursula Axmann and Heike Schreiner, Management