Present your profile - employer branding at WU

Be there or be square! By establishing a targeted presence in our online and offline media, you can raise your impact at WU. Right within your target group.

Online Keynote
Spotlight on!

During the online keynote, you become an expert on hot application topics. In a 20-minute speech, you provide insights into the application process and increase brand awareness for your company.

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Be there or be square! 

Distribution: right on Campus WU, at on- and off-campus career events, & during all our individual counseling sessions and conversations with students

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Boost your campus presence!

Newsletter Contribution

Content is king! In a time when information is abundant, only one does matter: the essential. Once a month, we supply the WU applicant community with all relevant information about job entry, application, and the job market. And you can be right in the middle of it – by incorporating your message into our content.

  • Mailing contribution:
    • 10,600 recipients – and counting
    • Sent once a month


€ 1,200 | € 850 for Partners

All prices quoted exclude VAT and other applicable taxes.

Karin Kwapien

"Reach directly into the inbox of applicants? No problem! Your company contribution gets delivered right to your target group."

Karin Kwapień, Communications & Events
e-mail: karin.kwapien(at)zbp(dot)at
tel.: +43-1-313 36-5787


Our website is at the heart of the WU applicant community. The job portal as well as the hands-on application tips on our blog and ApplicationWiki make it a go-to for most WU students looking for a job.

  • Banner homepage Push your employer branding!
    • Runtime: 2 weeks
    • Views: 87,000 page views per year

€ 560 | € 390 for Partners

  • Banner Leaderboard Your branding right on our jobs or events page.
    • Runtime: 2 weeks
    • Views: 113,000 page views per yer

€ 560 | € 390 for Partners

All prices quoted exclude VAT and other applicable taxes.

Veronika Spindler

"Presence at first click? We have a space reserved for you."

Veronika Spindler, Employer Relations
e-mail: veronika.spindler(at)zbp(dot)at
tel.: +43-1-313 36-6002