The career magazine highlights all the questions that WU students have about job opportunities and application.

Did you know that career magazines are one of the top 10 information channels that students use when choosing an employer? And that it is used far more frequently than Instagram or TikTok?

Whether on campus, at our counseling sessions, or our events: The career magazine provides information and guidance for starting a career and reaches more than 10,000 WU students.

  • Special: Opportunities
  • Comes out: beginning of winter semester 2024
  • Print run: 10,000 copies
  • Distribution:
    • right on Campus WU - in front of the library, the lecture halls, through professors & departments
    • at on- and off-campus career events, such as Campus Recruiting Day, Internship Day, Long Night of Companies, or Career Calling
    • through our career counselors during all our individual counseling sessions and conversations with students
WU ZBP Career Center Karrieremagazin

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 Half-page advertorial/image ad € 2,200 | € 1,540 for Partners

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Job portraits, entry-level opportunities, application tips, and interviews with inspiring people are the focal point of the magazine. With a special on a current job market related topic, the career magazine offers students both information and advice.

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