Campus Recruiting Day: virtually or personally

On Campus Recruiting Day, you can conduct job interviews, network with a group of students, or really get into the team spirit: with interactive recruitainment elements.

The modules:

With CRD you can ...

recruit precisely and speed up staffing decisions,
as we address the right target group and consolidate your interviews into just one half-day.

save time,
as we streamline the application process.

boost your employer image,
as potential employees are addressed in a targeted manner and can get to know your company personally.

build a talent pipeline,
by establishing contact with all applicants and, above all, by participating on a regular basis.

Lara Högerl

"From making new experiences together to actual job interviews for your positions - Campus Recruiting Day puts you in touch with WU talent."

Lara Högerl, Events
e-mail: lara.hoegerl(at)zbp(dot)at
tel.: +43-1-313 36-5053