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On Campus Recruiting Day Business Law, you can conduct job interviews, start a workshop/an assessment with a small group of students or graduates, or give a company presentation: with a pre-selected number of applicants - right on campus or in an online session.

  • Your Campus Recruiting Day Business Law is announced on In addition, up to 2 jobs can be placed online on for 2 weeks.
  • We recommend your Campus Recruiting Day to suitable applicants in our applicant community via direct mail, as well as through institutes and departments.
  • We share your Campus Recruiting Day Business Law with the WU community via Facebook, Instagram, and newsletter.
  • From 10 days before the event, you can look through all received applications/registrations, and select suitable applicants matching your search profile. (Applicants are selected digitally, in full compliance with GDPR, using our IT tool.)
  • We handle the entire communication and coordination with the applicants before the event.
  • 3 modules to choose from:

Interviews, workshop/assessment, or presentation
You decide on the setting in which you want to meet the pre-selected applicants:

1. Interview: Meet and get to know up to 10 applicants for 20-minute conversations - right on campus or online.

2. Workshop/assessment: You would like to work on a case study or various problems with all qualified applicants? Then meet up with up to 15 people right on campus (duration: max. 3.5 hours).
Option only viable if requirements regarding COVID-19 prevention can be met.

3. Presentation: Present your company to a group of up to 15 people live on campus or online (duration: max. 2.5 hours).

Send us your job ads/workshop content until 4 weeks before the event, so we can check the requirements and give you optimal advice.

  • After Campus Recruiting Day, you take over communication with all candidates.

€ 3,700 | € 2,600 for Partners

All prices quoted exclude VAT and other applicable taxes.