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FAQs: How does my job ad get on my.zbp.at?

  1. Which jobs can be posted on the career platform of WU ZBP Career Center?

    If you aim to find students, graduates, and young professionals with a background in business and economics or business law, you are absolutely right here!
  2. What is the price for job advertisements?

    This depends on the selected category:

    Alongside Studying/Interns: qualified internships (up to 6 months) or part-time jobs for students with max. 25 hours/week

    Graduates: part-time and full-time positions for entry-level employees immediately after graduation, maximum 1 year of work experience

    Young Professional: Graduates with 1-5 years of work experience. Upon requirement and availability, our price includes a 3-week placement on jobs.derstandard.at.

    You can find our prices here.

    For start-ups in the first 3 years after founding and NPOs/NGOs, we offer special conditions for job advertisements in the category "Graduates". Please contact us directly for further information at inserate(at)zbp(dot)at.
  3. How do I place an ad?

    Step 1:  Does your company already have an account?
                  ✔   Yes: Please proceed to question 4.
    ✖   No: Please register your company here.
    Step 2:  You will receive your individual login via email.
    Step 3:  With a few clicks you can book, upload, and manage your ads here.
    Step 4:  We will check your ad (category, salary information, gender-neutral wording) and you will receive a notification as soon as your ad is online.
  4. Our company is already registered and we need access for an additional employee(s).

    This is quite simple: The person registered as the main contact person for your company sends us an informal email at inserate(at)zbp(dot)at requesting an additional access.
  5. How long will my ad stay online?

    6 weeks

If you have any questions, please contact us at inserate(at)zbp(dot)at.

We are always happy to support you.