Fast, intensive, specific: We handle the search for you!

Having us as a partner will help you optimize your personnel search. Whether you are looking to fill an internship, an entry-level job or a position with some initial job experience: We will ask the right questions and find the candidates that are a good fit for your company.

Details and pricing:

Direct Mail – recommendation power for your job or recruiting event

We recommend your job offer/event to the right candidates in our applicant community—presence in your target group guaranteed!

  • You have published a job ad or event announcement on
  • We filter for suitable candidates according to your search criteria: Our applicant community includes 9,800 students and graduates.
  •  We address the right candidates with that extra bit of insider knowledge.

We start, once we have your go ahead! Meaning, only after the search profile has been agreed upon.

effective until Dec. 31, 2023:
(excl. ad or event announcement) € 1,030 | € 790 for Partners

effective from Jan. 1, 2024:
(excl. ad or event announcement) € 1,200 | € 850 for Partners


All prices quoted exclude VAT and other applicable taxes.

Campus Recruiting Day

On Campus Recruiting Day, you can conduct job interviews, start a workshop/an assessment with a small group of students or graduates, or give a company presentation: with a pre-selected number of applicants - right on campus or in an online session.

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effective until Dec. 31, 2023:
€ 3,700 | € 2,600 for Partners

effective from Jan. 1, 2024:
€ 4,000 | € 2,800 for Partners


All prices quoted exclude VAT and other applicable taxes.

Next CRD:

  • December 5-7, 2023
  • June 4-6, 2024
  • December 3-5, 2024

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Direct Search

We are the experts for your search for employees with a business or economics background and will find your new employees with this all-in-one package:

  • Your ad will be placed for 6 weeks on
  • While your ad is running, we will address suitable candidates in our applicant community (altogether 9,800 people) as well as through departments and institutes. The package includes one search run.
  • Your ad will be shared in the WU community via Facebook, Instagram, newsletter, and job banner, if necessary.
  • We will conduct structured and position-specific interviews with the ideal candidates.
  • We will be in close contact with you throughout the entire process, allowing you to follow the progress of the project and, if desired, get feedback on our interviews with the applicants at any time.
  • We will handle the entire administration of and correspondence with applicants during that period.
  • The project will be completed once we send you the documents of the (at least 1, up to 5) top candidates.

effective until Dec. 31, 2023:
€ 5,500 | € 3,850 for Partners

effective from Jan. 1, 2024:
€ 5,940 | € 4,160 for Partners

All prices quoted exclude VAT and other applicable taxes.

Making your personnel search efficient:

Let us talk about your search for employees. We can offer you a toolkit and will find the best-suited service among all options to complete your team. 

Contact us to be put in touch with our experts: +43-1-313 36-4968