Our Events - your presence on and off campus

See and be seen - interactive, online, or on the large stage. With our events, you will always be right in the mix of students and graduates.

Online Networking Session

2020 is different! So we are hitting the ground running with online sessions. Meet the business masterminds of tomorrow today with an innovative concept - virtually, personally, and face-to-face.
Super easy while working remotely (from home).

Your online session includes:
  • 120 minutes Meet&Network: In fixed 10-minute slots, you chat with pre-registered students via video call. As with classic networking formats, it is the students who initiate contact – it’s first come, first served.
    It is almost as if you were standing at your booth on campus WU with one student after the other approaching you.
  • 60 minutes Open Talk: All students can participate here, and you talk to (several) students in your own chat room.
  • Employer branding power combination: By combining your employer profile, job vacancies, and a video pitch, you ensure your presence as an employer before, during, and after the event.
    Job ads: 2 job postings are included in the package to boost your recruiting (runtime 4 weeks each).
    Video pitch: 3 questions about your employer profile. Recorded in advance, it will be embedded with your company profile on my.zbp.at for 3 weeks.

Equipped with the proper technical tools and know-how, we are here to assist you with both the 1-on-1 conversations as well as the Open Talk.

€ 1,940 | € 1,360 for Partners

All prices quoted exclude VAT and other applicable taxes.

"Meet interesting WU students and graduates regardless of location or situation - these are 2 advantages of the online networking session."

Milana Vujicic, Communications & Events
milana.vujicic(at)zbp(dot)at; +43-1-313 36-4532

(Online) Campus Recruiting Day

With the 2020 newly established Campus Recruiting Day, you can conduct timely interviews on campus: Job posting - marketing - interviews on campus. Anytime – particularly when Meet your Job is over.

€ 3,700 | € 2,600 for Partners

All prices quoted exclude VAT and other applicable taxes.

Career Calling Digital Days

We organize Career Calling, Austria’s biggest career fair for students and graduates. True to the motto "having connections, being connected", Career Calling connects employers – from corporation to start-up – with the academic masterminds of tomorrow, thus providing impulses for individual success stories. Candidate sourcing and talent attraction are the focal point of the fair.

#staysafeathome: In 2020, Career Calling will be held as an online event.

This is what Career Calling stands for:

  • Students from all fields, in particular business, law, technology, and sciences
    Career Calling is attended by students and graduates with an academic background in business, law, technology, and sciences. Over 2 days, you will have the opportunity to meet your potential future talent from all fields.
  • 2,500 potential employees
    100 % of attendees register for the fair in advance, thereby forming the Career Calling TalentPool. As an employer, you will gain access to the profiles, and have the chance to invite the most suitable candidates directly to 1-1 chats.
  • Best presence
    Insight sessions and your company profile offer numerous touchpoints with students, enabling you to position yourself long-term and directly within the target group as an employer of choice.

For more information and details visit careercalling.at/aussteller.

„Online is the new normal – 2020 we are taking an innovative path, turning Career Calling into Digital Days. New tool – usual employer branding, with the added extra of candidate sourcing. We are ready. What about you?“

Fanni Höpler, Project Leader Career Calling
fanni.hoepler(at)zbp(dot)at, +43-1-313 36-4555

Lange Nacht der Unternehmen - Long Night of Companies

As an employer, you present your company to tomorrow’s top talent right at the company location. A shuttle bus will take interested participants directly to you: to the office, production site, or a project location.

The ceremonial hall of Vienna City Hall will serve as the central starting point and set the mood for the exclusive company visit. To wrap up, we invite everybody to join in our after-event clubbing

You can find further information at langenachtderunternehmen.at


“LNU has been a highlight for our students since 2016. Within just a few hours, 1,000 students sign up every year to get one of the coveted slots. Be part of it! All you have to do is open your doors!“
Fanni Höpler, Project Leader Lange Nacht der Unternehmen
fanni.hoepler(at)zbp(dot)at, +43-1-313 36–4555

This event is organized in cooperation with Uniport - the Career Service of the University of Vienna.

To participate it is obligatory to hold an office in or around Vienna.

Careers of Tomorrow

The future on campus – with you right in the thick of it!

2020 is going to be big! In May, we are organizing for the first time ever the campus career festival Careers of Tomorrow. Over a period of 4 to 6 weeks, we will put a spotlight on jobs, careers and the world of work today and tomorrow. And move job seekers as well as students who are not yet thinking of their next internship.

Recruiting? Branding? Or both?

Careers of Tomorrow focuses on classic recruiting modules and innovative employer branding concepts. Furthermore, with expert talks and interacitve elements as well as motivation and empowerment we provide variety and fun. It all results in a meeting at eye level, with professionalism but also many laughing faces.

At Careers of Tomorrow, you get to meet the talents of tomorrow today. Casual. Right on campus. With emphasis on recruiting and/or branding.

Flexible. Like your needs.

  • Skill labs: In the skill labs, you interact with students and simulate application scenarios. You get to know your target group in a career-related context, helping you to easily build relationships.

€ 1,940 | € 1,360 for Partners

  • Networking events*: The networking events highlight job profiles, jobs, and entry opportunities focusing on a special field. You exchange information with students in a targeted fashion, share your know-how concerning careers in the field chosen, and build contacts for job entry (down the line).

€ 1,940 | € 1,360 for Partners

  • Skill seminars*: Are there products, services, departments that hardly anyone associates with your company? Or divisions that will grow exponentially over the next few years? And these very areas offer many opportunities for students and graduates? The skill seminars put a spotlight on it.

€ 2,700 | € 1,890 for Partners

  • Recruitainment*: With students into an escape room, a candy shop or a wind tunnel? Whether it's a joint cocktail or barista workshop, we will organize a recruiting event for you that is on top of the students' bucket list. You have never experienced recruiting like this before.

€ 2,300 (+ external costs) | € 1,600 (+ external costs) for Partners

  • Shadowing* "One day with": With 1:1 or small-group job shadowing you can make a student's wish come true – get insights for a day and experience what it is really like to work at the desired company.

€ 2,700 | € 1,890 for Partners

  • Field trip to your company*: A look behind the scenes - experienced employees provide an insight into professional practice.

€ 2,700 | € 1,890 for Partners

All prices quoted exclude VAT and other applicable taxes.


*Events are (usually) held in German, but English speakers are more than welcome to join.

"At Careers of Tomorrow, we bring students and HR managers together. We are looking forward to the launch of this new format in 2020. And we are confident that it will become the largest campus recruiting festival within the next 2 years."

Ursula Axmann and Heike Schreiner, Management


You want to be part of the Careers of Tomorrow festival? Contact us! Project leader Milana Vujicic will gladly provide you with more information.

Milana Vujicic, Project Leader Careers of Tomorrow
milana.vujicic(at)zbp(dot)at, +43-1-313 36-4532

Promotion of your career event

You are hosting your own in-house career or online recruiting event, and are looking for a sparring partner for the promotion? Partner with us to address exactly the target group you are looking for.

  • Career event promotion Maxi: Your event is presented to interested students in an exclusive setting. In addition to the event announcement and a banner on zbp.at, we address interested students via Facebook or Instagram, and a direct mailing to our applicant community. (We are happy to provide you with our platform tools to administer the profiles of registered students at any time and get in contact with them.)

€ 2,150 | € 1,600 for Partners

  • Career event promotion Midi: Promote your event by announcing it on my.zbp.at, and via banner or social media posting.

€ 840 | € 590 for Partners

  • Career event announcement: announce your recruiting event in the event calendar on my.zbp.at.

€ 415 | € 290 for Partners

All prices quoted exclude VAT and other applicable taxes.

"Scatter losses? Not in my dictionary! You would like to inform our students about your career event? From now on, you can easily do that yourself via my.zbp.at"
Milana Vujicic, Recruiting Promotions

milana.vujicic(at)zbp(dot)at, +43-1-313 36-4532

Info sheet "Events"

Our events at a glance...

Welcome among students!

Nothing can replace personal contacts: At our events, you can put a face to your name as a company and are able to offer insights into entry opportunities or vacant positions. Particularly in our social media era, students like to take advantage of this chance to prepare for their professional careers.

We have been organizing career events for more than 30 years. We can support you in your efforts to network successfully.

Call us: +43-1-313 36-4968