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See and be seen - interactive, online, or on the large stage. With our events, you will always be right in the mix of students and graduates.

Details and pricing:

Internship Day

Are you regularly looking for students for internships or part-time jobs? Would you like to talk to students in person? And most of all, do you want to get into the mindset of your target group?

At Internship Day, we open the LC building for your company.

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€ 2,270 | € 1,590 for Partners

All prices quoted exclude VAT and other applicable taxes.

Note: From 2023, "Internship Day" is included in the PREMIUM and SUPREME partnership package.

Next date: March 20, 2023

Registration at event(at)zbp(dot)at

Lange Nacht der Unternehmen - Long Night of Companies

As an employer, you present your company to tomorrow’s top talent right at the company location. A shuttle bus takes interested participants directly to you: to the office, production site, or a project location.

The ceremonial hall of Vienna City Hall serves as the central starting point and sets the mood for the exclusive company visit. To wrap up, we invite everybody to join in our after-event clubbing

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Next date: April 18, 2023

Unfortunately, registration for this year's event is now closed!
You are interested in participating in 2024? Please feel free to contact us: event(at)zbp(dot)at

Heike Schreiner

“LNU has been a highlight for our students since 2016. Within just a few hours, 1,000 students sign up every year to get one of the coveted slots. Be part of it! All you have to do is open your doors!“

Heike Schreiner, Managing Director
heike.schreiner(at)zbp(dot)at, +43-1-313 36-5370

This event is organized in cooperation with Uniport - the Career Service of the University of Vienna.

An office in or around Vienna is a prerequisite in order to participate.

(Online) Campus Recruiting Day

At Campus Recruiting Day, you can conduct job interviews, start a workshop/an assessment with a small group of students or graduates, or give a company presentation: with a pre-selected number of applicants - right on campus or in an online session.

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€ 3,700 | € 2,600 for Partners

All prices quoted exclude VAT and other applicable taxes.

Next CRD:

May 9-11, 2023
December 5-7, 2023

Individual dates upon request at event(at)zbp(dot)at.

Lara Högerl

"We look forward to your Campus Recruiting Day! Let us know your desired date, and we will sort out the details. Your recruiting will take place where students and graduates are at home."

Lara Högerl, Events
lara.hoegerl(at)zbp(dot)at; +43-1-313 36-5053

Career Calling + Digital Days

Career Calling has been Austria's biggest career fair for more than 30 years now, and is your "place to be", if you want to get in touch with students and graduates: all fields of study, from first semester to young professional. And 2022 for the first time in hybrid format! Live at Messe Wien and online in the Talentspace online world: Meet students and young graduates in a setting of your choosing! Career Calling offers everything and more for your talent attraction, 1:1 chats, and workshops.


MEET IN THE MIDST OF THE COMMUNITY: See and be seen: Career Calling is the stage for your employer brand. Present yourself as part of Austria’s employer community. You can address students live and directly. Everything is in motion, with you right in the middle of it. Nothing beats the experience of a live fair.

FUN FACTOR: With ease: Get that team feeling with students through interactive fun elements, such as table tennis or games of skill. The joint activity lets you connect at eye level—experience how well you fit together in a playful way.

1:1 CHATS: The talent database is the heart of Career Calling + Digital Days: Access the profiles of all participants and invite students to online interviews. Open up time slots for students to book—with recruiters, specialists, or CEOs.

VARIETY: Career Calling addresses all masterminds of the academic landscape in Austria and neighboring countries: all degree programs, all subject areas, all universities and Fachhochschulen. 5,163 visitors at Messe Wien, and 1,282 participants at the online event speak for themselves.

RECRUIT INDEPENDENT OF TIME AND PLACE: No matter when, no matter where: The online elements make Digital Days more flexible. Recruiters and students meet and network online in a resource-efficient and targeted manner.

#findandbefound: Be part of Austria’s largest gathering of employers and students.

Next Career Calling + Digital Days: October 11 + 12-25, 2023

For details and more information regarding Career Calling participation visit aussteller.careercalling.at/en.

Heike Schreiner

„Innovative. Now. Pioneering. Unique – like every career path. That is Career Calling + Digital Days! We look forward to seeing you there.“

Heike Schreiner, Managing Director
+43-1-313 36-4968

Promotion of your career event

You are hosting your own in-house career or online recruiting event, and are looking for a sparring partner for the promotion? Partner with us to address exactly the target group you are looking for.

  • Career event announcement: Announce your recruiting event in the event calendar on my.zbp.at.

€ 415 | € 290 for Partners

  • Direct mailing: We recommend your job offer/event to the right candidates in our applicant community—presence in your target group guaranteed!
    • You have published a job ad or event announcement on my.zbp.at.
    • We filter for suitable candidates according to your search criteria: Our applicant community includes 9,000 students and graduates.
    • We address the right candidates with that extra bit of insider knowledge.
    • We start, once we have your go ahead! Meaning, only after the search profile has been agreed upon.

(excl. ad or event announcement) € 1,030 | € 790 for Partners

  • Talent pool: You would like to actively search for suitable talent yourself? In our talent pool, you will find 2,500 profiles of students and graduates who would be happy to be contacted directly by employers, or recommended a job, or invited to a recruiting event.
    Access to the talent pool can be booked exclusively by our partners.

    We are celebrating 40 years Career Center: In 2023, our partners can book access to the talent pool at a 40 percent discount.

3-week talent pool access € 570 (original price € 950) for Partners

  • Banner homepage zbp.at: Promote your employer branding!
    • Runtime: 2 weeks
    • Views: 87,000 page views per year

€ 560 | € 390 for Partners

  • Banner Leaderboard my.zbp.at: Your branding right on our jobs or events page.
    • Runtime: 2 weeks
    • Views: 113,000 page views per yer

€ 560 | € 390 for Partners

  • Newsletter contribution: Once a month, we supply the WU applicant community with all relevant information about job entry, application, and the job market. And you can be right in the middle of it – by incorporating your message into our content.
    • 9,000 recipients – and counting
    • Sent once a month

€ 1,030 | € 790 for Partners

All prices quoted exclude VAT and other applicable taxes.

"Scatter losses? Not in my dictionary! You would like to inform our students about your career event? From now on, you can easily do that yourself via my.zbp.at"

Karin Kwapień, Communications & Events
karin.kwapien(at)zbp(dot)at; +43-1-313 36-5787


Info sheet Events
Info sheet "Events"

Our events at a glance ...

Welcome among students!

Nothing can replace personal contacts: At our events, you can put a face to your name as a company and are able to offer insights into entry opportunities or vacant positions. Particularly in our social media era, students like to take advantage of this chance to prepare for their professional careers.

We have been organizing career events for more than 30 years. We can support you in your efforts to network successfully.

Call us: +43-1-313 36-4968