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Campus Recruiting Day Business Law: virtually or personally

On Campus Recruiting Day Business Law, meet students right at WU for job interviews, workshops, or company presentations. The WU ZBP Career Center takes care of marketing, targeting your audience of business law students—the applicant pre-selection is up to you. 

The Campus Recruiting Day concept:

  • Your business law benefit: Campus Recruiting Day Business Law is an event exclusively for business law students.
  • Your recruiting is the focal point on this half-day: Move your HR office to the campus or meet applicants online.
  • Choose between job interviews, workshop/assessment, or company presentation.
  • The WU ZBP Career Center handles the organization: interview scheduling, setting, technical support, etc.
  • From announcement to event—we shorten the process to 3 weeks.
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... and this is how!

Interviews, workshop/assessment, or company presentation – in detail